About Sats

SATS Sports Club is Scandinavia’s leading fitness company with more than 120 centers and can be found in around thirty cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The assignment

Improve the brand experience across all aspects – Digital and Physical Environments, Employees, Communication and Products.


Our team

Creative direction: Carl Johan Näs
Design direction: Sara Bengtsson
Design: Bernhard Kahles
Agency: Essen International

Rebranding – The visual identity was completely redesigned with focus on the brand’s strongest carrier: the training environment. As a designer in a three-person team, I was involved in both the development of the visual identity as well as the implementation process for print, digital media and several gyms.

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The design above is a black and white / greyscale version to show the possibility of a strictly black and white implementation. The final design used is brighter, happier and includes the use of three main colors, making it much more flexible.

Learnings – We implemented the design on a wide range of media carriers: from websites, newsletters and applications to magazines, member cards and towels. It was a great experience to not only create a applicable design system but to actually apply the design.