About Nextory

Nextory is an online service which offers unlimited access to a huge library of
audio books and e-books.

The project

Essen International was assigned to rebrand the former service, E2GO.
The project included a new user experience concept for the website and the
smartphone app, together with the implementation of the new design.


Our team

Project management: Alex Holmén
UX and design: Bernhard Kahles
Art direction: Danny Jian
Photography: Kim Dion-Laplante
Agency: Essen International

From concept to visual design – Central in the UX concept was a simple and clear subscription flow: "It should be as easy as possible for the user to sign up for the service." Also the search for book titles and the presentation of the sortiment was a main focus. We rearranged the content structure and designed a simple and intuitive navigation.

For the visual design it was important to distinguish Nextory radically from the competitors like storytel and audible.

"We centered the brand on the notion of everyday escape: Explore. Escape. Enjoy. We developed the new name Nextory and an identity powerful enough to standout and deliver the message." - Essen International.

How visitors used the website on their smart phones

- 49 % of the visitors went directly to “Find an ATM”
- 24,6% of 37,6% went to “Find an ATM” through the home page
- 8.65% went to Our services
- 2,24% went to FAQ

“Find an ATM” was the most visited page

Find an ATM 29 333 page views
Home page 15 854 page views
Our services 5 133 page views
Customer service 2 993 page views
FAQ 1 961 page views

July 2014 / 72 598 page views in total

Almost half of all visitors used mobile devices.

Desktop 16 183 visitors
Mobile 9 621 visitors
Tablet 2 693 visitors

July 2014 / 28 497 visitors in total

Main page layouts

Visual design

Process and learnings  – The Nextory project was fun. It's always a welcomed challange to visually create a completely new brand, from strategy and naming to the final design process.