Mind.se – Support to persons in distress

About Mind

Mind Sweden is an independent, not-for-profit membership association. They promote mental health through advocacy, training and information. They also operate a chatline for suicide prevention, as well as helplines for parents and the elderly.

The assignment

Redesign the website to improve the overall experience as well as to increase donations and memberships.

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Our team

Project management: Marcus Sjöholm
UX and Design: Bernhard Kahles, Tobias Eriksson
Photography: Daniel Blom
Development: Enjoythis
Agency: Essen International

The work started with extensive research – We used surveys on the usability and the visual design of the old website. Friends, as well as engaged professionals in the field, were interviewed about Mind. Finally, we benchmarked similar non-profit organisations and their strategies on acquiring new members and donors. Our insight primarily revealed that:

  • Rethinking the information architecture, and making the website responsive, would be elementary. 
  • Using emotional imagery for the articles and features would help to create interest and engage the visitors. 
  • Simplifying the donation functions would be mandatory, should one want to increase support.

You can take a look at mind.se before the redesign at web.archive.org


Mobile menu – Defining three main content areas for the navigation: Get help, Learn more and Support us. 

We introduced a sub-navigation page which lets the user get a quick overview of the topics. In the case somebody needing urgent help, we kept a direct link to the chatline on every page.

On text-heavy pages, we set anchor links to navigate better trough the content and also kept the ability to use the main navigation by means of a sticky menu.

The homepage – We designed an entrance page with several sections. 

To get new visitors interested in the subject we used upscaled imagery and thoughtful copy writing. 

Through distinct communication we made clear what and for whom the website is for. E.g. people in distress should find their way quick and easy to the helpline.

We developed a customized post-page for the news with the possibility to create featured posts.

Visitors can donate directly on the homepage.

The sign-up for the newsletter as well as the most important links like contact and get help build the footer with is shown on every page.

Accessibility was an important part of the project. Through special functions, such as the “lättläst knapp” (easy-readability button), distinct marked-out links as well as well thought-out typography, we made sure that the website can be visited by people with visual impairment and color-blindness.

Learnings – Finding the right balance between emotional design and strict information was a challenge. The most visited pages are in the suicide prevention part, where it is very important to not overload a distressed person with to much information and lots of images.