About Essen International

Essen International is design company with studios in Stockholm and San Francisco.

The assignment

A website redesign to give Essen International’s great work and imagery more space and adjust the website for mobile devices.


Our team

Project management: Garry Dalzell
Design: Bernhard Kahles
Creative direction: Carl Johan Näs
Production: Enjoythis

Concept – Essen International’s design approach manifests post modernist Swiss design. Most of the work has a strong reliance on typographic elements and structured grid systems. The visual identity is based on the typeface Neue Haas Grotesk, which is a hallmark of Swiss graphic design. The new website reflects on Essen International’s visual design.

“The overall impression should be simple and rational, tightly structured, clear, objective, well-proportioned and harmonious.”

The website became site of the day:


To allow as much flexibility as possible, it was important to integrate a lot of options into the Wordpress interface. On the left: Single page sketch back-end and front-end.

Smart phone – Splash screen, Homepage, News page, Single page

Tablet – Showcase page

Desktop – Homepage with rollover states

Learnings – Defining a grid which binds all viewports together, but still gives enough flexibility in the design is a challenge and takes time. On the other hand, it makes the design process at the end much easier when every piece finds its place.

Using only black and white for all rollovers an interactions fits well if you won’t distract from great imagery and content.